Best Instagram Followers Apps

best instgram followers apps

Are you having difficulties in increasing your followers on Instagram, similar to other aspiring influencers? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

We know building your audience is the key to success on Instagram. But there are other ways to grow your following than dropping dollars on promotions or bots. There are plenty of free apps that can help get more eyes on your posts and turn casual viewers into dedicated fans.

That’s exactly what we are sharing now. We’ll share the top free Instagram followers apps that are still working.

Do Instagram follower apps work?

Before answering this question, we need to understand how apps that can boost your Instagram followers work.

In these apps, first, you authorize your Instagram and start following other people’s IG accounts. You do it to get in-app coins. You can get these coins by doing in-app tasks, following others, liking other people’s posts, and commenting on other posts.

After getting some coins, you set a campaign for your profile. Now, other people will follow you to get coins in their accounts. It is like a community that is following each other.

So, to conclude, apps that can get you more followers on Instagram do work, but to some extent. You need coins to get more followers. For this, you have to follow others.

Best Instagram Followers Apps

Nowadays, there are so many social media followers, provider apps, and websites. But most of the sites don’t provide real followers. That’s why we dug into the topic and researched for you.

We are listing the most trusted and reliable apps for getting free Instagram followers. Once you start getting followers, you can easily convert them into fans with the power of your content.

1. TopFollow Instagram Followers App

TopFollow Best Instagram Followers App

TopFollow APK lets users get Instagram followers within a few minutes for free with a unique and completely different technique.

With the Top Follo app, you can get numerous likes, comments, and followers. Once you download this app, you will get an opportunity to feel like a celebrity, as you can have millions of followers by using this app. 

Earlier, you had to run Facebook ads or Instagram promotions to increase your followers, but now TopFollow solves your problem. You can add wings to your followers by installing the Top Follow. 

Unlike other applications in the market, this app is famous for generating real and legitimate IG followers within no time. So, it is the best Instagram followers app.

It doesn’t exist in the Google play store. So, the only way to get it is from our website and install it manually to grow your IG account. After installation, it will quickly bring you thousands of followers on Instagram.

2. Instaup

Instaup is another famous app for getting free Insta followers, just like the TopFollow. Unlike TopFollow, it is only available on the Android devices right now.

Both apps have similar features and a huge fan following. It is because both apps are easy to use and offer real users.

To set up a followers campaign, you need coins in both apps. You can collect coins by following others, completing in-app tasks, or can also purchase these coins.

Because it gives tough competition to TopFollow, we placed it in second position. But, multi-language and the coupon feature of TopFollow are the unique features of TopFollow that Instaup is not offering.

Check: Top Follow VS Instaup

3. Fira Follower

Fira Follower is an app that brings followers to your Instagram account, just like TopFollow.

This app is designed for only Android users who want to quickly gain followers on their Instagram profiles. This application is not only secure for utilization but is also in accordance with the law.

Fira Follower is a heavy app with a complicated UI, which is not recommended for beginners. Further, you will not see multi-language support in Fira Follower.

Because of bad UI and lack of multi-language support, TopFollow wins from TopFollow Vs. Fira Follower.

4. Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is designed for only Android users and offers the opportunity to acquire numerous followers on your Instagram profile without any cost.

Both Top Follow and Followers Gallery are safe and secure to use apps. But the most liked and used by people is top follow and we always recommend you to download top follow over all the other apps as it is well-liked because of its ease.

Setting up a followers campaign is easier on TopFollow than on the Followers Gallery.

For a better comparison, you can check TopFollow Vs Followers Gallery.

Tips for Safely Using Followers Apps:

It is essential to avoid adding thousands of followers all at once, as it can make your account appear unnatural and spammy. Instead, add followers in small increments over time to maintain authenticity.

Further, it is crucial never to share your Instagram password, as legitimate apps will never ask for it. Only enter your username. Sharing your account access with a third-party app can compromise your account security and should be avoided.

While free apps can provide an initial boost, it is important to focus on posting engaging content and interacting with your real followers to build lasting growth. Relying solely on apps for followers can lead to a drop in future engagement. 

Using follower apps wisely and safely can help kickstart your Instagram growth, but authenticity is key to your success. Gradually gaining followers while keeping your account secure is the best approach for long-term results.


If you try to spam Instagram, then IG can take action against your profile. But, if you go with the flow and do not hurry to get followers as these apps are designed, you are good to go. Then, these apps are safe for you.

All the apps we mentioned provide real followers. However, you need to make these followers your fans with your quality content over time.

It is not easy to hack an Instagram account. For this reason, these apps cannot hack you easily. However, if you use any third-party or under rated app, they can misuse your account.

For this reason, we always recommend going with only the trusted apps. For privacy concerns, we recommend you install the TopFollow app.

TopFollow and Instaup are the most recommended and best Instagram followers apps in the market. Both offer similar features and real followers. You can try both at the same time.

Almost no app is approved by Instagram. It is because Instagram recommends getting followers organically, not by using any app. Still, these apps follow Instagram’s terms and conditions so that no account of their users gets banned.

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