Looking for a way to get more followers on your IG profile for free? Check out our app, TopFollow! It’s a simple and effective solution.

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Top Features of TopFollow

Organic Follower

Our powerful tool is designed to help you attract only real, high-quality followers to your Insta account.

Coin-Based System

Download our MOD APK to get unlimited coins that will help you run a followers campaign later.

Better Design

The user-friendly app design makes it easy for everyone to understand it and run campaigns.

User-Friendly Interface

The app design is completely user-friendly, which makes it ideal for beginners and new content creators.

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What Is TopFollow APK?

Top Follow APK helps you get more followers on Instagram within minutes using a unique process. To establish your online presence, you can get numerous likes, comments, and followers utilizing 

Before, you had to use Instagram ads to boost your followers. Now, TopFollow Pro APK solves that. Since it’s not on Google Play, get it from our site, install it manually, and watch your Instagram followers rise into the thousands.

Our TopFollow mod APK provides unlimited coins, followers, likes, and comments, and you have to pay $1 for 1K followers when your coins are finished.

Both official and modified versions give you original followers, but some extra features only exist in the modified version. 

Real followers boost your Instagram account.

Download this modded APK, and you’ll feel like a celebrity with millions of followers at your fingertips.

Why Do You Need Instagram Followers App?

People usually don’t like to follow new influencers. That makes it a tough job for newcomers to gain popularity and be famous on Instagram.

Here comes our free Instagram followers app.

We created a special system with our unique algorithm that helps new influencers to gain followers fast. We already set everything in our app that new influencers will need to start their journey. So, instead of trying their selves, our followers-gaining app will help new users get followers fast.

How Does Top Follow APK Work?

When you first install our TopFollow app, you will get 50 free coins. You can increase the coins by following other people within the app. By following other users, you can earn more coins for free.

Then, you set a campaign in the app for your Insta account. You can set time and adjust settings like how many followers you want. After this, let the app do its work.

The app will show your Insta account to our other TopFollow users, and they will follow you to get coins in their accounts. So, it is like a community that is following each other.

Top Top Follow MOD Feature

Here are some premium features you will get with this Application for free.

  • Unlimited Instagram Followers
  • Unlimited Likes and Comments.
  • Multi-Languages Supported
  • Lightweight and authentic Application
  • Risk and cost-free and secure app
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Earn followers by spending coins
  • Unlimited coins and followers for free
  • Organic, Unlimited, and Genuine Followers
  • Buy Coins
  • Referral Rewards and Legit Followers
  • Earn followers by spending coins
  • Get Promo Codes Daily
  • Multiple accounts can be promoted
  • Extra coins by installing the recommended apps
  • Get unlimited Instagram Followers faster and safely
  • Free coins by applying coupon codes
  • Get Referral Rewards and Legit Followers
  • Faster growth with daily bonus
  • Rewards and Ad-free system


Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of our followers gaining APK for Instagram.


  • Free & Easy to Use
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Real and Legit Followers
  • Promo Code Availability
  • No Ads


  • Some users may unfollow you
  • Users may not engage with your content

How To Use TopFollow APK?

To get free likes and followers using our Instagram followers increase apk, learning how to use it is important. To begin, please sign in to your Instagram account through our application. Don’t worry; your Insta ID will not be harmed. It might also ask you to verify the captcha for security checkups. After successful login, you need coins to move next. You can start following others to get free coins easily.

After having some coins, you can order followers and likes within the app. The followers you receive are authentic and real.

Benefits Of TopFollowAPK?

Here are some amazing benefits of using this app for Android.

  • Safe: Some third-party apps are usually unsafe, but it is fully safe and secure. Your account will never get banned using this app.
  • Easy: You may face issues when you download a new app and use it, but our app is fully easy to use even if you are a starter.
  • Followers: Our app is a followers generator machine that you can use easily and gain thousands of millions of followers on your Instagram account.
  • Quick: This App is the only one that provides you with numerous followers in a short period of time, as it provides quick assistance.
  • Coins: In this App, you need to earn coins to get followers. To earn coins, you will be given some tasks to complete. More coins give more followers.
  • Ads: In this app, you will not see a single ad that irritates you. The user experience is our first priority. That’s why ads aren’t displayed in this app.
  • Real: It doesn’t provide you with fake followers that aren’t legit. Top Follow Pro is famous because it provides real and genuine followers.
  • UI: Everything on this app is pretty simple and very easy to understand. The user interface is quite beautiful and easy to use.
  • Networking: As we mentioned above that this app provides you with original and organic followers. You can also talk to strangers there and make new friends.
  • Monetization: After using this app for weeks, you can gain thousands or millions of followers, and due to it, you can also monetize your Insta account.

How Did This Application Emerge?

Earlier, when this application didn’t exist in the world, people ran ads for their social media accounts to boost their profiles and maintain their online presence. So that they can expand their networks, and after gaining followers by running ads, they monetize their Instagram accounts. As we launched this app, this problem got solved.

Now, people can quickly gain millions of followers and maintain their online presence without running ads. By doing this, they can save both time and money. It is just because of our Top Follow Premium. Download apk now and start collecting new followers and build your presence in the digital world.

TopFollow Promo Codes

Here are some promo codes that will give you free unlimited coins.

  • 1000 coins code: B0Q8II4MQ4
  • 6FA02IKDFB
  • II0T9MLL4U
  • S4HS64QF8H
  • SHVH-NYL5-V154
  • 2N3YF6V7FJ
  • ZKD9558GRL
  • 8W7FYSS910
  • CCTE-37EN

How To Collect Coins?

You can earn coins to turn them into your followers in a few ways. Below are some methods of collecting coins. By following them, you can earn a lot of coins.

  • You can earn coins by following and liking others’ profiles through the app.
  • By downloading the apps that TopFollow recommends to you.
  • You can also collect coins by availing of daily bones.
  • By using promo codes, you can earn a large number of coins.
  • Another way of earning coins is to create multiple fake accounts on Instagram and complete tasks daily. Then you will have thousands of coins in your each Instagram fake account. Now you can gain followers by spending coins from all fake accounts to your original account. This is the best method ever.

How You Can Remove Re-Login Detail?

Plenty of Top Follow mod apk users are going through a re-login problem and feeling under the weather due to this glitch. Below is a set of instructions that will help you address this problem.

  1. To begin, access the settings on your phone.
  2. Then spot the Apps option.
  3. See all the default apps.
  4. Then navigate for TopFollow.
  5. Click on “Storage and cache.”
  6. And clear both cache and storage.
  7. Now, log in to the app using your desired Instagram account.

How to Share Referral Code With Friends

Of course, you are always looking for new ways to earn more and more coins to get a large number of followers. Below is a set of instructions outlining how to distribute your referral code and increase your coin earnings.

  • Start running the app on your phone.
  • Choose the settings icon situated in the uppermost right corner.
  • Select the option labeled “Free Coins.”
  • Proceed by selecting the option marked “Codes.”
  • Now you will see a Code, as shown in the following image.
  • Click the copy icon next to the code to copy the code.
  • Distribute the code among your acquaintances and invite them to make use of your referral code.
  • By using your code, your friends will get 200 coins, and you will get 10% of the coins.
referral code in top follow apk

What’s New In Topfollow APK:

We have added the most awaited features:

  • Stable Performance
  • Improved Algorithm
  • Free Coins
  • More Real Followers
  • Better than before
App Name:Top Follow Mod Apk
Size:15.33 MB
Required OS:Android 5.0 and up
Category:Social Media

Top Follow Apk Download

Boost your Instagram following with ease with Top Follow APK – the ultimate solution for free Instagram followers. Download the app now and take your Instagram game to the next level. You can also try Top Follow Old Versions.


Here are some faq’s related to top follow apk

Some bugs in our system caused the bad error request problem, and we have already fixed it.

Go to the app settings and set the delay between tasks from 20 to 22 seconds. Check all options below except 5th one (stop-cycle). Set max follows and likes to 50000. Then save.

After this, try any VPN for foreign IPs, and the Top Follow login problem will be resolved on your phone.

Yes, Top Follow mod APK is 100% free to use. Even in our modified apk, you will get unlimited coins that will help you get extra Insta followers.

We always recommend the Top Follow application for getting Instagram followers for free. This app will connect with your Instagram and give you new followers automatically.

Unlike other apps which only advertise but never work, our app always works, and our users love this amazing app.

Our app is the safest application to get free Instagram followers in the market. Why? Because it follows the Instagram guidelines to give users free followers.

Feel assured about the security of your Instagram account while utilizing this app.

To get unlimited coins and diamonds in the Top Follow app, download our modified apk from our website. It is the easiest way to get free coins.

Alternatively, you can get free coins using the “WCILTDU7J6” coupon code.

Yes, it gives real followers. It has a special algorithm that gives followers to people who follow others. So, don’t worry; you will get only real followers with our social follower app.

Yes, right now, this Followers App is only integrated with Instagram. Stay connected with us to get future updates.

To maintain our app’s quality and ensure everything is working fine, we roughly update our app twice a year.

Yes, in order to free Instagram followers from this apk, you need to login to your Insta account. It is to authorize and verify your account with our app. So that we can make sure you are following others.

You can download it from the Apple App Store or download TopFollow For iOS from our website.

To enjoy this app on a PC, you need to download an Android Emulator. After installing an Emulator on your PC, you can install its apk and enjoy using it on your PC.

Alternatively, you can download TopFollow for PC from our website.

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